Who is Fireball?

Fireball in 2006
Fireball in 2007-2008
IT is impossible to spend a few minutes on the Religion & Spirituality section of Yahoo! Answers without hearing about the middle-aged, born again Methodist woman who goes by the name Fireball. Reigning supreme since the early years of Yahoo! Answers, she has remained the undisputed Queen of Religion & Spirituality.

So just how did she earn her celebrity status? Certainly not for having the highest Best Percentage answer (who needs it?), not for earning herself a Top Contributor badge (she is too good for that measly badge anyhow), but for her hilarious and perplexing one-liner responses.

Fireball in 2009
Fireball in 2010
You will know her by her legendary trademark that has earned itself a mention on urbandictionary - TIRH ("THIS IS RELIG HERE") and for her famous catchphrase "HELL IS GRAVES." She is best known for compulsively yelling at others with alternating caps for being "OFF SUBJ and OFF TOS" and redirecting them to the right board. When she is not playing monitor, she implores others to "consider repenting," "choose Trinity and METHODISM," and to "prepare for Rapture" in hopes of saving them.

Fireball in 2011
Fireball has been the most consistent and persistent regular on R&S - making new accounts and re-earning her spot as a Level 7 member every time she is suspended. Over the last couple of years, she has taken extra care to extend her one-liner responses to include "..."s and filler words to bypass the point-gaming violation. Her famous "idk" one-liner response from 2006 has gradually evolved to "no...idk" over the years.

No one really knows what her purpose is, and suspending her is futile. Like a tenacious honey-badger after honey, nothing will stop her from returning. Fireball is the Queen of R&S that just keeps on keeping on.